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Steady Profits with AI Generated Fantasy Pick(s)

Stop making emotional decisions with your bets! Instead, listen to the data which has been analyzed by our powerful artificial intelligence machine. Get fresh Fantasy sports picks everyday from our AI. Make profits today!

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Elevate Your Fantasy Experience

Fantasy Sports is the most engaging and fun way of betting on sports. However, 90% of the users make on a consistent basis loses on their Fantasy bets. With you will join the small elite group of bettors who manage to make a consistent month to month profit on their Fantasy picks.

The AI covers 6 different sport leagues.

All in one place

Smart, Simple Tracking

Connect your favorite Fantasy book(s) with our app and have your picks automatically tracked. See detailed reports on all your plays, divided by each sport.
With the PRO subscription you can also make your own analysis with the help from the AI on upcoming games. A true interactive experience.

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See Which Player to Place your bet on Today!

Seamless Sports picks

Easy to Use Betting Tools

Interactive Pick Data

A new way of analyzing sports. Welcome in the era of artificial intelligence where we listen to the data instead of our emotions.

Steady Monthly Profits

Some days we lose, occasionally we turn losses in a week. But never have we NOT turn profits on a month to month basis.

Automatic Betting Tracking

Connect FantasyPick with your Fantasy Sportsbook and track automatically the picks you decided to follow.

Verified Results

All our picks are third party tracked and verified.
Turning an astonishing 187 units profit in 2022 and on track to break it this year.

Place Your Bets Automatically

Afraid you will miss any pick? Have our Fantasy predictions be placed automatic by our software app. This feature is only available for PRO subscribers.

5 Fantasy Picks a Day

Our AI’s best 5 picks everyday! Covering the NBA, UFC, NFL, CFB, MLB and NHL.

About Us

Get To Know More About Fantasy Pick

4 Computer nerds who met each other on the internet and went on to build to most advanced machine learning system on Fantasy Sports that exists.
We love tech, sports and cash! We share our passions with a small community which we aim to keep exclusive and elite.

Data parameters processed by our artificial intelligence system.

Profit in 2023. On track to break our units record in 2024.

Maximum allowed members in our exclusive community.


Our Customers

“I was losing money all the time, when I decided to seek professional help. After trying a few handicappers, I came across FantasyPick and it changed by approach to betting completely. Besides the money I’m making now, I just love the [discord] community where we watch and discuss the games.”

Igor Landiscrim

“Great Fantasy Picks each day and the tool to analyze any game you wish works easily with detailed information.”

Bernard Farrow

“It hurts when the AI bets against the Brooklyn Nets (my team!) because I know he’s right most of the times…
Luckily the profits soften the pain!”

James Mitchell Lloyd


Are profits guaranteed?

No, we can’t promise future profits.
Sure, we lose some days and occasionally even on a weekly basis. But, since our founding days we have always turned profits on a month to month basis. 
We are so confident in our AI that we offer a 30 day refund policy.

What does "Join Waitlist" mean?

We capped the maximum allowed number of clients in our exclusive community to 250. 
By joining the waitlist you will be notified when a new place opens up. 

Are general sportsbook picks also provided?

No, our AI only generates picks and analysis for daily fantasy sports.
However, in our PRO subscription you will have access to lots of analytical tools which can help you with making decisions for your sportsbooks bets.

Difference between Basic and PRO?

Basic: you will receive on a daily basis at least 5 fantasy picks. Those are the best picks found by our artificial intelligence machine.

PRO: besides the daily picks you will also have access to our app with powerful analytical tools. You can ask the AI to analyze any game you want in the upcoming 7 days.

I'm not happy with Fantasy Pick, what now?

We have great confidence in our AI pick software.
That’s why we have a 30 day refund policy. Within the first 30 days of you starting your subscription you can ask at any time a full refund. You can also cancel your subscription at any time you wish.

Elevate Your Betting With Fantasy Pick



The best Fantasy Picks found by our AI delivered everyday.  


+5 Fantasy Picks a day


Automatic bet tracking


Access to our Discord group


Access to our analytical software app


Let the AI analyze any game


First access to our BETA products



Everything in BASIC + access to our AI software backend.


+5 Fantasy Picks a day


Automatic bet tracking


Access to our Discord group


Access to our analytical software app


Let the AI analyze any game


First access to our BETA products

“Fantasy Pick has been founded out of our love for sports and data. We are the true definition of ‘nerds’! It’s impossible for us humans to watch all the games, or even try to remember what happened EXACTLY in one specific game. That’s why machine learning and complex data algorithms developed by artificial intelligence is such a game changer. We are in an arms race with the sportsbooks, and currently winning!”

Max Vascez / Founding Group